Five Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Signing up for Individual Health Insurance

If you’ve been anywhere near a news headline lately, you’re probably aware that there have been some major changes in the health insurance industry. For those of us buying our own health insurance (individual health insurance), there are many changes that you need to know as you reevaluate your healthRead More

What does “Open Enrollment” mean?

Open Enrollment is the annual time when you can sign up for health insurance coverage or make changes to your plan. For individual health insurance for 2018, the open enrollment period is November 1st – December 15th, 2017 for all Obamacare (ACA) compliant plans. Group health insurance also has annualRead More

What are we going to do about our health insurance?

Imagine having to switch your health insurance every single year. You don’t really have to imagine it at all, it’s happening again. Tennesseans with individual health insurance are going to be losing coverage in mass droves at the end of the year because Humana and Farm Bureau are discontinuing theirRead More