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Eric Jans Insurance

My Mistake

This is an article I wrote for the March 2014 YP Nashville newsletter. As I am about to reach the 10th anniversary of my business, I have been reflecting on what has gotten me to this point and some of the mistakes I have made along the way.  The biggestRead More

What is the value of building your network?

This is an article I wrote for YP Nashville. Do you have a strong network? If you are in sales, the question probably makes you immediately think of the stack of business  cards on your desk or the size of your contacts database. But is this a valuable network orRead More

Developing your own board of directors

This is an article I wrote for the Nashville Chamber’s Small Business Wire newsletter: Big companies and nonprofits have a board of directors, a group of leaders who act as advisors on the big decisions that need to be made. They keep things in check and make sure the companyRead More