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BlueCross BlueShield of TN dropping individual coverage for 2017!

Wow. The letter came this week out of the blue (hey a pun) that BCBST is dropping all of their individual plans in Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville for 2017.  It doesn’t matter if these were purchased on or privately, they are going away at the end of December. WhatRead More

Help! How to cope with skyrocketing health insurance rates

If you have been following the news recently, you have probably heard that the prices of health insurance are increasing dramatically in Tennessee.  Recently, I watched a smiling anchor woman say something to this effect, “Bad news, Tennesseans, if you’re using for your health insurance… Rates will be dramaticallyRead More

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What does “Open Enrollment” mean?

Does this pertain to me? You have probably seen the hype recently about open enrollment approaching (and now here) for health insurance and maybe even wondered if you are supposed to be doing something about it.  If you have individual health insurance or are considering getting some, then right nowRead More