Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

What is it?
Disability insurance insures your income against a disability will make working (and therefore earning) impossible. In other words, it answers the question, “How would I pay for my living expenses if I became unable to work?”

How does it work?
Benefits are paid monthly to the insured if a disabling accident or illness occurs.  The benefit amount is determined by the insured’s income. These payments may start immediately after an accident or there may be an elimination period. The benefit would pay every month of the disability for a pre-determined time. Short Term Disability is for temporary disabilities (up to 2 years) and Long Term Disability generally is for longer disabilities.

What’s next?
If you are ready to protect your income from a disability, please contact me. We can compare plans from several top companies.

Causes of Short Term Disability claims

    • Pregnancy (normal): 20%
    • Pregnancy (complications): 9%
    • Injuries (excluding back): 9%
    • Back injuries: 8%
    • Digestive/Intestinal: 8%

Causes of Long Term Disability claims

    • Cancer: 13%
    • Pregnancy complications: 12%
    • Back injuries: 11%
    • Cardiovascular: 9%
    • Depression: 5%

Source: UnumProvident

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