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My very own commercial

This is the coolest.  Jason Mallory of Redbone Entertainment created a web commercial for me that I am excited to share with you.  Jason is known for the Spirit of Nashville film that was shown on NPT.  We shot video over at Ugly Mugs, since that is where I spend a lot of time hanging out and meeting clients.  Several of my clients stopped by to take part and get their 15 seconds of fame.  Less than a week later, I have my first commercial!

Thanks to Ryan McKinney of RoadShow AutoSport, Ashley Segroves of Ashley Segroves Photography, Anthony Davis of iDesign, Inc. and Don Kendall of Development Management Group for their kind words.

Jason did such an great job on this.  I expected it to look good, but was blown away by how easy he was to work with and how amazing it turned out.  Be sure to check it out.  Who knows maybe I will go viral, or at least my video will.

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