How to offer health insurance to your employees at no cost to you

This week I received a call from a business owner who still does not offer health insurance to his employees. He sees the enormous value in doing so, but was overwhelmed at the thought of group health insurance.  He, like many business owners, saw it as complicated, time-consuming and worst of all, expensive. As we talked however, I saw his reservation quickly replaced with excitement as he learned just how beneficial offering health insurance to his employees could really be.

Will offering health insurance to employees cost an arm and a leg?
Believe it or not, there are reputable insurance plans that allow employers to offer health insurance without having to pay a cent toward it. These plans are called Voluntary plans. What that means is that the employer offers a group plan and each employee pays for his or her insurance out of their own paycheck.

Why bother with group insurance, then? Why not let the employees get individual insurance on their own?
There is a very good reason for this: Options. Once you dive into the group insurance market, you discover that offering group insurance will highly expand the options, prices and coverage capabilities for your employees and their families (and they will thank you for it).

In Tennessee, the options for individual coverage have not only dwindled to a paltry offering but costs have skyrocketed. In fact, there are only two remaining companies that even offer individual health insurance plans. Switching over to group insurance is like switching from a dorm fridge to Martha Stewart’s refrigerator. It’s a game changer.

Simply put, more options equal better coverage and better prices. So not only can you find better, more comprehensive plans with less deductible and lower premiums using group insurance, but the cost on average is much lower. It’s a win-win for any employer and his/her employees.

If you would like to contribute to your employees’ health insurance costs, there are many plans that offer varying degrees of employer contribution from 0% – 100%.

Is my business too small for group health insurance?
Many business owners believe that they must have a certain number of employees in order to sign up for group health insurance. Not so. There are plans offered for any sized business.

Is offering group insurance time-consuming and complicated?
Any unknown seems daunting at first, but that’s what I’m here for. With the help of a dedicated, enthusiastic agent like myself, group health insurance is far from complicated or scary. I’m here to help and simply a phone call or email away.

What’s in it for a business owner to offer health insurance?
It’s a competitive marketplace out there and the more you can offer as an employer, the higher caliber employees you will attract and the more your business will grow.

It is clearly to the benefit of every business owner to provide health insurance to his/her employees, not only ensuring the gratitude and dedication of employees, but overall workplace satisfaction. If you can be the hero to your employees and offer health insurance at no cost to you and your business, why wouldn’t you?


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