Eric Jans on CBS This Morning

I consider being an advocate of my clients to be an important part of my job. When I see something going on in the insurance industry that is creating an unnecessary burden on people I represent, I work hard to bring awareness to that issue.

Recently, I’ve been speaking out about the skyrocketing insurance rates that are directly effecting many individuals, families and entrepreneurs. And, as it turns out, people were listening. CBS contacted me and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for a package on the inflated rates affecting so many people in Tennessee, as well as in other parts of the country.  CBS was willing to fly their producer and reporter into Nashville, from their Washington D.C. Studio just for this story!  It was an incredible, validating opportunity to be able to bring awareness to this issue on a national level.

Take a look at the final package, which I felt did a good job at representing the unaffordable health care options that many of my clients are facing.

Insurance hikes in Tennessee - CBS news

Insurance hikes in Tennessee – CBS news


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